Overwatch 2: Sigma Guide (Here’s How To Play The Tank Hero)

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Overwatch 2 Sigma Guide (Here’s How To Play The Tank Hero)
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

There are many tank heroes in Overwatch 2, but none like Sigma. With his abilities, players can not only lead the charge during attacks but also cover their team and play defense. This makes him a must-have tank hero in every Overwatch 2 match.

While Sigma’s abilities and powers allow players to play either defensive or offensive, there is much scope with this tank hero to play around. That being said, as a tank hero in Overwatch 2, Sigma is a disruptive hero, allowing players to cause mayhem in battle. Furthermore, his arsenal allows him to protect his teammates, which do not have a high health bar from enemy tanks. Sigma’s shield, when placed in a correct manner, will not only allow Sigma to withstand immense firepower but also his teammates.

Overwatch 2: Sigma’s role in the team

overwatch sigma
Screengrab: Sigma teaser

As an Overwatch 2 tank category hero, Sigma’s primary aim is to withstand heavy attacks and lead the defense. With his shield barrier, Sigma is a go-to hero to play in narrow areas of any map. Sigma’s primary attacks pack an element of surprise; the Hyperspheres can bounce off walls and other elements on the map to hit enemies at a range. The Hyperspheres can even hit enemies that the player can’t see (the enemy players hiding behind an object or in a closed space).

Sigma’s shield, called the Experimental Barrier, can be placed anywhere around the hero. This allows Sigma to block one side while the hero can focus on another enemy player. Overall, Sigma’s abilities not only allow him to attack enemy player effectively and defend himself and his teammates but also makes him the deadliest tank hero in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: Sigma’s abilities

Weapon/AbilityType of Weapon/AbilityDescriptionDamage
HyperspheresPrimary weaponThese are two gravity charges or spheres that have an arching projectile and hit the enemy after bouncing off the surface or directly.55 damage on direct hit with each sphere
9-30 splash damage (depending on range)
Experimental BarrierPrimary abilityAllows Sigma to project a barrier shield in any direction; the barrier can be retrieved at any time. The barrier has a cooldown of 2 seconds on recall and 5 seconds when destroyed.Nil
Kinetic GraspPrimary abilityKinetic Grasp allows Sigma to freeze any incoming projectile from enemy players in mid-air and convert them into health for 2 seconds. It has a cooldown of 12 seconds.Nil
AccretionPrimary abilityThis ability allows Sigma to collect a mass of debris and throw it at enemy players, which stuns and damages them. Accretion has a cooldown of 10 seconds.100 on a direct hit
12-40 splash damage
Gravitic FluxUltimateSigma’s ultimate grants him the ability to fly and lift the enemy players in the sky and then slam them on the ground, damaging them in the process.50 damage on lifting
50% damage to HP after slamming

Tips on how to play Sigma in Overwatch 2

sigma hyperspheres
Sigma in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard)

Know the right distance to play Sigma

While most of the tank heroes in Overwatch 2 are meant to be played up close; however, Sigma is not one of those. Sigma players should at all times keep their distance since the hero has almost no mobility. That being said, players should not go too far to their enemies as Sigma’s primary weapon, the Hypershpehers, will not go very far.

At close range, Sigma will lose against other tank heroes like Reinhardt, and Roadhog, who are best played up close and personal to the enemy players. Meanwhile, if an enemy tries to get close, players have the option to use Accretion to knock back the enemy player and maintain distance.

Know when & where to place the barrier and when to pull it back

The Experimental Barrier is one of the main highlights of Sigma’s abilities. Players can use the barrier to either protect their teammates or themselves in multiple situations. Furthermore, Sigma’s barrier shield can be placed in any direction and at multiple distances, which gives this ability versatility and an edge to Sigma players in matches.

Meanwhile, players should keep in mind that the cooldown when the Experimental Barrier gets destroyed is greater than when players recall the barrier. Sigma players should be mindful of when to deploy the barrier and when to pull it back (Tip: players should pull back the barrier as it reaches low health to keep the cooldown to the minimum).

Put Kinetic Grasp to use

Kinetic Grasp not only helps Sigma players in defense but also to gain an extra amount of shield. In Overwatch 2, Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp not only allows the hero to cancel out any incoming enemy projectiles from the front, but it also converts the damage absorbed into an extra shield at the end of the ability. For those unaware, Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp can suck most of the incoming projectiles, including many ultimates.

The Kinetic Grasp works great when Sigma is being overwhelmed by the enemy team’s fire, and there’s no clear way to get out of the situation. Furthermore, through Kinetic Grasp, players can also protect their teammates from any incoming damages, similar to the shield; however, for a mere 2 seconds. That being said, players should be careful while using this ability, as it has a longer cooldown of 12 seconds.

Must combine Gravitic Flux with other ultimates

Sigma’s Gravitic Flux is a unique ultimate on its own; however, it does the most damage when combined with the ultimates of other Overwatch 2 heroes. The Gravitic Flux does damage the enemy, but not enough to kill them if the enemy player is above 50% health.

To get the best out of Sigma’s Gravitic Flux, make sure to combine the ultimate with Cassidy‘s ultimate, Junkrat‘s ultimate, Reaper’s ultimate, or D.Va‘s ultimate.

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