“Overlord” Season 4 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?

Overlord season 4 release date and time
Image credit: Studio Madhouse

In the mood for a great isekai anime? Well, if you haven’t tried Overlord, you might be missing out on one of the best anime in the genre. Starting back in 2015, the anime follows the life of Momonga, who is nothing but average salarymen, until he becomes his in-game avatar. Now, seven years since the incident, Overlord season 4 is about to be released.

It is great news for fans as they have been waiting for a new anime season since 2018. At one point, many believed that the anime wouldn’t return. Thankfully Studio Madhouse has announced the return of the anime.

We are sure you will be excited to learn more details about Overlord season 4. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

‘Overlord’ season 4 release date: Where to watch it online?

Overlord season 4 release date and time
Image credit: Studio Madhouse

Episode 1 of the anime is set to arrive on July 05, 2022, at 10:00 PM Japanese Standard Time (JST). It will also be available to watch at 7:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/10:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)/7:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

As for its platform, it has been confirmed that the new season of Overlord will be featured in Crunchyroll’s summer line-up. However, there is no word about whether the anime will be coming to Funimation.

Can I watch ‘Overlord’ season 4 for free?

Sorry to bring you the bad news. You cannot watch the anime for free. Since it will only be coming to Crunchyroll, there is no way for you to do so. But if it is added to Funimation’s library in the future, you can watch it for free with the platform’s free trial. Until then, we suggest you purchase a subscription to Crunchyroll.

How many episodes will there be in ‘Overlord’ season 4?


Over the last three seasons, fans have seen the same number of episodes each season. This means season 4 should also feature a total of 13 episodes. But after season 4, there is a movie planned for the anime. So it could impact the number of episodes in the fourth season.

This is it from our end. What are your expectations from Overlord’s season 4? Let us know your views in the comments section below. Before the anime’s new season kicks off, check out our guide on Classroom of the Elite season 2 right here.

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