Over 30 Million Dell Devices At Risk Of Security Flaws: How To Check If Your Model Is Affected?

Check if your Dell Laptop/PC is affected and update its BIOS.


A security flaw found in Dell’s support software puts over 30 Million devices at risk. The Dell support software installs by itself in most Dell PCs and Laptops. According to a report, Eclypsium discovered flaws in over 129 models caused by the Dell support software.

Gizmodo reports, “There are four different vulnerabilities, and one of them involves insecure connections between a BIOS being updated and Dell’s server which allows attackers to redirect the device to a maliciously modified package.” The remaining are overflow vulnerabilities (Common mistakes in the app’s code that could allow attackers to access your system).

Which Dell Models Are Affected? What’s The Fix?

For those wondering, here’s a list of all the models that are affected. The worst part of all, Eclypsium found this out while running a secured-core PC in which Windows’ Secure Boot feature is on. This means that even Secure Boot won’t be able to save a user if they’re attacked.

Bios Attack Dell

The good news is, two of the three vulnerabilities are now fixed. The only way to secure yourself again is by flashing/updating the latest BIOS on your device. If you own a Dell device, chances are, your PC is also at risk so, check out the list and prioritize securing yourself first.

Is your Dell device affected? Is this something that’d stop you from buying Dell devices in the future? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Source: Lifewire

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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