This Outlandish Competition Tests Who Can Chop Wood The Best

Swing the axe and bag the honors.

stihl timbersports

No matter how rare or uncanny your area of talent is, there are chances it may get recognition someday. At least that’s what we make out of Stihl Timbersports — an event that rewards a person’s prowess at chopping wood.

This unique competition consists of challenges that test a competitor’s proficiency with different tools, such as an axe or a chainsaw. It is held annually in the U.S. by the Stihl Group, a German outdoor power equipment firm.

Ever since the inaugural event in 1985, the competition has grown in popularity and stature. Check out the video below that shows Timbersports participants cutting wood immaculately.

This timber-felling sporting event takes place on multiple dates in various phases. Regional winners go on to compete in the national round, and then the national winners exhibit their skills in the world series. Moreover, there exist separate instances of Timbersports events for both men and women.

According to the chop-athon’s website, Timbersports aims to rank the lumberjacks on their affinity with the equipment and tree-felling caliber. Overall, it’s a trial of the competitors’ strength, precision, and stamina. Due to its comprehensiveness, the event features multiple disciplines of wood cutting.

stihl timbersports event

These various disciplines include underhand chop, stock saw, standing block chop, single buck, springboard, and hot saw. Each of these disciplines involves a participant using a distinct wood-cutting tool and working on a certain kind of log.

Over the long history of its past iterations, numerous eminent lumberjacks have excelled in the Stihl Timbersports. Some of these decorated event winners are Arden Cogar Jr, Matt Cogar, Elgan Pugh, and Mark Komarek.

Although lumberjack sport has existed for over a century, Stihl Timbersports is the first time it has been organized on a mass scale. Drop your thoughts about this unique competition in the comments below. While you are here, check out how this machine eats on wood stumps faster than termites.

Priye Rai

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