Organic Computer: Researchers Can Make Internet by Connecting Your Brains



Most of us agree that our brains work better than computers (and some don’t). So why not connect multiple brains to perform a task more proficiently? Recently, the researchers at Duke University proposed the working conecept of Brainets – a network made using multiple animal brains to exchange of information using brain-to-brain interfaces. They have connected brains of four rats to make a “Brainet” that finishes any task faster and more efficiently than an individual.

For the first time, multiple brains have been connected to perform some work. The research team used electrodes to connect the brains of rats and monkeys to carry out simple functions like moving a computer-generated arm. The team connected four rat brains using two sets of electrodes and sent an identical signal to the brain of each rat. The response time was then monitored on a computer. This connected arrangement was called an organic computer or, brainet.

Rats obviously need some training to perform a function again and again. So, each time a rats reacted with same response they were given water. After multiple tries, rats learnt how to coordinate the response. Surprisingly, the success rate was found as huge as 87 percent.

After rats, monkeys were used to perform tests and two monkeys were connected with electrodes and computer. After this, one monkey had to look at the computer screen that showed a picture of a ball and arm. The combined signals from brains of monkeys had to move the objects which they learnt eventually.

They sat that once the animals started behaving together, they did tests just the way computers store information for future and recall it. It was found that if the animals weren’t sleeping, this was possible. The Brainets performed at higher levels than a single animal in the tasks. Thus, researchers worked to create a superbrain by joining multiple brains.

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The next step is to work on the possibilities of connecting human brain in order to do wonders in medical science by using someone else’s brain to treat a paralyzed patient. If human brains are connected, Organic Computers would surely open a whole era of research and invocation.

Source: NatureJordaneuro

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