Orange Pi: This Open Source Mini PC Is Now Available For Just $10

orange-pi-pcShort Bytes: With an unoriginal name, Orange Pi PC is here to give Raspberry Pi 2 a serious competition. By spending $10, you can get a very capable Linux or Android computer that even supports 4K video playback. 

The Raspberry Pi 2 was a great upgrade from the original Pi and it gave some amazing capabilities to developers and makers. The Raspberry Pi 2 is a great bargain with a $35 price tag. However, if you are looking for something cheaper, Orange Pi PC is here for the rescue.

This amazing little board comes at an amazing price of $10. When you start guessing the hardware capabilities of Orange, make no mistake as this little master makes no compromise on that front. You get the regular HDMI and AV ports along with the 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, microSD card slot, 40-pin, 1GB DDR3 RAM, CSI interface for a camera, integrated microphone, WiFi, IR sensor, and a Pi-compatible header.

On its website, OrangePi.Org writes: “Orange Pi PC is for anyone who wants to start creating with technology – not just consuming it. It’s a simple, fun, useful tool that you can use to start taking control of the world around you.”


The orange Pi is powered by an Allwinner H3 quad-core processor which is an ARM Cortex-A7 processor with Mali-400 graphics. Notably, Orange Pi PC is able to support 4K video playback, something that Raspberry Pi 2 can’t do. Its processor has four core clocked at 1.6GHz whereas the quad-core Broadcom processor in R-pi is clocked at 900MHz.

Looking at these features, Orange Pi PC looks like a capable alternative to the Raspberry Pi 2. The company has already made available the firmware images for Android 4.4, Lubuntu, Raspbian, Debian Server, along with the Linux and Android SDK on its page.

How to get an Orange Pi?

You can now buy an Orange Pi for $10 from AliExpress.

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26 thoughts on “Orange Pi: This Open Source Mini PC Is Now Available For Just $10”

  1. Instead of being "just like a pi" they should aim for "better than a pi" – which means talking up the differences. The IR receiver is a good start, but doesn't go far enough.

    What is needed is: a SATA hard drive connector. If something needs to be sacrificed, I'd suggest losing one of the TWO video outputs: probably the 3.5mm A/V out.

  2. this isn't made for playing video games, it clearly states that it can play VIDEO at 4k, video games would blow this up, and 4K video isn't uncommon nowadays

  3. For now, you will have to use Android on Orange Pi to take advantage of the AllWinner H3 processor and MALI-400 GPU. The AllWiner H3 processor can decode H.265 video at up-to 4K resolutions; it's a feat that few processors can achieve. Install and run Kodi on Android.

    On Raspbian / Lubuntu / Ubuntu etc., the GPU support is not yet integrated. Consequently, video performance is terrible. With developer resources, these are being rectified.

  4. Nearly no mainstream video-game is available for the ARM platform.
    If you use Android on this board, you will be able to play many of the Android games just fine.

  5. I purchased the Orange pi PC+. I installed "Lubuntu_1404_For_OrangePiPC_v0_8_0_.img". If you plan to use this as a desktop prepare for a fight with getting the resolution correct. The instructions are limited and it is not as simple as editing the boot.ini. If you ssh in then there are no problems. I do not recommend this for someone just starting out but instead point to the raspberry pi. With that said the performance is much better then Raspberry pi 2 and Odroid C1 (sorry no details here). Network is reporting support for 1gb but it continnually looses network connectivity. Overall (c+ raiting) in my book.

  6. What about commercial use of Orange Pi. Do you think the Orange PI is ready to be installed into a final product to be launched for sale immediately ? (More than 5000 pieces).

  7. Rajib Ghosh I'm in dilemma whether to buy raspberry pi 2 or orange pi pc. If GPU support is available in orange pi pc for Linux distro then i would definitely go for orange pi pc. will it be supported in future?

  8. Actually they ARE around $15 or a little higher. But – my experience up to now is going to put you off. I have several Raspberry Pis and they just WORK. My Orange Pi PC turned up this week – and does not work – nothing but the ETHERNET lights come on – and two others who visit my blog at have written in to say that they have received theirs – and have EXACTLY the same problem. I cannot get a response form the supplier via Aliexpress where I bought the Orange Pi from – and I tried to register for their forums and I am “pending” after 2 days.

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