Oracle Tells Google’s Secrets In Court — “You Made $31 Billion Using Our Java Code”


oracle-androidShort Bytes: During the hearing of Oracle’s lawsuit that challenged Google for Java API copyright infringement, it was revealed that Google’s Android operating system has made $31 between 2008 and last year. While this news has cheered up Google investors all over the world, Google could end up paying over $1 billion as a result of this lawsuit.

Google’s Android operating system has made about $31 billion revenue and $22 billion in profit — a figure that search engine giant has kept secret — since its release in 2008, an Oracle Corp lawyer told in a U.S. court.

All this happened during a court appearance made by Oracle and Google regarding Oracle’s lawsuit that challenged Google for copyright infringement and ripping off the Java language APIs in Android. Java was acquired by Oracle in 2010 when it bought Sun Microsystems, and it sued the search engine company for using its class library API without paying anything to develop the world’s most popular mobile OS.

“Look at the extraordinary magnitude of commerciality here”, said Oracle, blaming Google for using Java to earn billions. This money has been made in two ways — Advertisements Google shows on Android phones, and revenue Google generates from Google Play app store.

Google has termed these finance numbers as “highly confidential”. “Google considers that non-public financial data to be highly sensitive, and public disclosure of the information described herein could have significant negative effects on Google’s business,” said Google lawyer Edward Bayley.

Oracle aims to use this financial data from Google to show that Android-owner “was in a rush to use Java software to create Android and reap profits from it”, according to Bloomberg. The database company also wants to get its potential share from Google’s earning.

While this news has cheered up Google investors all over the world and proved Android’s success, Google could end up paying over $1 billion.

During the same court proceeding, it was also revealed that Apple was paid $1 billion by Google to keep it as the default search engine on iPhones.

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