Oracle Named The Best DBMS Of The Year, Followed By MangoDB And Cassandra


oracle dbms best 2016Short Bytes: DB-Engines is one of the most respected sources of database rankings. Over the past years, the website has listed the database management systems based on its unique ranking system and provided a good idea of industry trends. In this year’s rankings, Oracle’s database management system has emerged as the DBMS of the year 2015.

Over the past few years, Oracle database management system has seen a widespread rise in terms of popularity. The similar types of trends have been recorded in the past years by DB-Engines and presented in the form of yearly rankings. The websites uses its scoring system that helps it to prepare a specialized ranking system of the various databases.

Over the past one year, Oracle’s database system has gained 56.9 points on the leaderboard and topped the charts. Oracle saw some ups and downs over the past 3 years, but 2015 has been extraordinary for its database. Apart from topping the charts, Oracle’s strong performance was also seen in job offers, LinkedIn profiles, and performance in StackOverflow discussions.

Oracle was followed by MangoDB, the winner of 2014 and 2013. MangoDB scored 55.13 points over the past one year. The third place was captured by Cassandra that gained 32.2 points over the span of the year 2015.

The other databases performing well this year were PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and MariaDB.

Here is January 2016’s database ranking, thanks to DB-Engines:

best dabase of 2016 oracle

To see the complete ranking of 292 systems, visit the DB-Engines website.

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