Oppo AR Glasses Could Debut As Early As July

Oppo is gearing up to spread distribution in USA!

Oppo AR Glasses Could Debut As Early As July
Image: Oppo

Oppo will bring its latest eyewear tech to the AWE USA 2022 conference. This is the first time that a company other than OnePlus will showcase its tech in the US. It is quite unusual for a BBK electronics subsidiary to showcase products in the country.

Oppo announced that it will showcase OPPO Air Glass and OPPO AR Glass 2nd Gen glasses at the conference which will be held in California, Android Central reports. Oppo recently launched the Air Glass in China after a teaser last December. The Air Glass uses a monocle design, which means they use only one lens and not two. In a nutshell, it is an intentional design of using half a spectacle.

Oppo Air Glass Features

Oppo Air Glass presents multiple possibilities and has ample brightness. It uses a 1600 nits brightness display which has admissible resolution to read the content. Oppo Air Glass uses a tiny projector that bounces off the light on the lens. Under the tiny hood is a Snapdragon 4100 chipset found on smartwatches from some renowned brands.

The Oppo AR Glass is a complete spectacle unlike the monocle design of the Oppo Air Glass. It offers real-time language translation and 3D depth mapping. Both the smart glasses support hand wave gestures but they must have an Oppo Phone or Smartwatch to do so.

oppo air glass
Image: Oppo

Our belief that AR can be used to create a new digital world entirely based on the real world has been the driving force behind our investment and R&D in AR technologies, including the development of fundamental technology, applications, user interfaces, and ecosystems,” said Yi Xu, Director of XR Technology at Oppo.

Oppo isn’t in a rush to start shipping its handsets to the USA soon. Alen Wu, Oppo’s head of overseas business said that the company wants to dominate the European market first. After that, it would move to the lucrative market of America. Oppo AR Glass is a direct rival to the new Google glass that the latter revealed at its I/O 2022 conference.

Do you love AR glasses? Are they additional accessories that serve no real purpose? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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