“Operation Mincemeat” Release Date & Time: Where To Watch It Online?

Operation Mincemeat release date and time
Image credit: Netflix

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the hybrid release format has become the new normal. Like most movies, ‘Operation Mincemeat’ followed a similar pattern. It was first released in theaters back in April. After a short theatrical run, the title is set to make its debut online.

To be precise, the film will be available to stream online from 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/3:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)/12:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST). With a runtime of more than 2 hours, it should be enough to grip the audience’s interest without boring them.

Now, let’s talk about the most important question of this article. Yes, we refer to finding out where to watch Operation Mincemeat online. Without any further delays, let’s get started.

Where to watch ‘Operation Mincemeat’ online?

Operation Mincemeat release date and time
Image credit: Netflix

The movie, based on real historical events, will be released under the banner of Netflix. Considering that Netflix remains one of the biggest streaming services, it will give the movie a perfect platform.

Speaking of Netflix, you can try watching “Better Call Saul” on it. The Breaking Bad spinoff series is in its final season and is finally tying up many loose ends.

What to expect from ‘Operation Mincemeat’?

Once you watch the movie, it might feel like a far-fetched story. You might even expect that the film is not based on actual events. However, the movie is based on a 1943 mission by the British. Here is the official plot synopsis of the movie:

“Hoping to change the course of World War II, and save tens of thousands of lives, two intelligence officers plot to break Hitler’s deadly grip on Europe by recruiting the most unlikely of secret agents: a dead man. A true and extraordinary story.

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