Opera Web Browser Will Now Let You Use Emojis Instead Of Web Links

Emoji web links can also be used as an NFT.

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Source: Opera

“Opera Web Browser” enables support to use emoji-based web addresses. The company is working with Yat, which sells URLs with emojis. Yat is a Tennessee-based company that lets users buy emoji-based web addresses for a price.

These emoji webpages are called Yat themselves, hence the name. Users can also use these emoji-based web pages to create an NFT of their emoji string. The company also plans to let users connect their Yats to electronic payments eventually.

Use emojis in Opera Browser

Several artists have already adopted these emoji-based web pages as the official website of their works. For instance, you can insert y.at/👽🎵 into your mobile or desktop Opera browser to get to Lil Wayne’s website. Another example would be Singer Kesha’s webpage, y.at/🌈🚀👽 that redirects to her Kesha’s World website.

As you can see, most of the URLs include “y.at/” before the emoji string. However, Opera has worked with Yat to solve this restriction and add an emoji-address reading function directly into the browser. Opera users can now simply type in the emojis directly into their browsers, which will automatically link to the corresponding Yat page.

According to Opera, “Embracing of emojis as a form of expression is a further step in Opera’s commitment to being at the forefront of innovation.”

The company also says emoji-based web addresses can look cooler on a web page. They can also be quicker to type on a smartphone. However, only time can tell whether this feature will be of any use or not.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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