Opening Internet Explorer Will Now Send You To Edge

Microsoft is finally putting an end to the Internet Explorer

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For many people, Internet Explorer was the first thing they learned when they started using the Internet. Despite its increased performance in recent years, the browser has been the butt of many good jokes.

However, Microsoft is finally putting an end to the browser; while it may be a shock to some people, the writing has been on the wall for some time now.

The end of an era

After 27 years of service, Microsoft will replace it with the Edge browser. IE will automatically direct users to the new browser in the next few months. This is the beginning step of entirely removing the browser from PCs, and soon Microsoft will issue an update that will disable Internet Explorer.

Through the ‘redirect’ process, your passwords and settings will be brought over to Edge. Users can also access the ‘special mode’ that the company integrated into Edge through the ‘reload in IE mode’ option in the toolbar.

All the supported versions of Windows 10/11 Pro, Home, Education, Enterprise, and IoT will be affected by the ‘retirement’ of IE.

According to the general manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, Sean Lyndersay, they will also remove the icon of the Internet Explorer browser from devices in the future.

An exception

However, there are certain exceptions. For some versions of Windows, which are used in ‘critical environments,’ Internet Explorer will run until they go out of support.

All Windows Server versions, Windows 10 China Government Edition, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 with Extended Security Updates (ESUs), and Windows 10 LTSC releases will all run the browser.

However, this is for the time being, and the future versions of Windows will not include the browser. Microsoft will still support the underlying MSHTML (Trident) platform and COM controls in Windows on all platforms. Sources suggest that Microsoft will also support an IE mode in Microsoft Edge till 2029.

While Internet Explorer might live for a few more years, it is clear that Microsoft does not have it in future plans.



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