Open Source Group Wants Windows 7 Source Code In A Blank Hard drive


Just when Microsoft ended the support for Windows 7, Free Software Foundation filed a petition demanding Windows 7 to be open source. Now, the open-source community went a little further by making another bold move.

Reportedly, the FSF mailed a blank upcycled hard drive to Microsoft. The foundation wants Microsoft to send back the hard drive, but after copying Windows 7 source code in it, along with license notice.

What’s even more interesting is that the foundation offers its help to Microsoft for the process to go smoother.

“It’s as easy as copying the source code, giving it a license notice, and mailing it back to us. As the author of the most popular free software license in the world, we’re ready to give them all of the help we can. All they have to do is ask,” said the Free Software Organization.

Will Microsoft Open-Source Windows 7?

The Free Software Foundation was aiming for at least 7,777 signatures in their petition to open-source Windows 7. However, they received overwhelming support from people with more than 13,000 signatures.Open Source Group Wants Windows 7 Source Code In A Blank Hard drive

The open-source foundation also pointed out that it’s a perfect opportunity for Microsoft to show how much love they have for open-source.

“We want them to show exactly how much love they have for the “open source” software they mention in their advertising. If they really do love free software — and we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt — they have the opportunity to show it to the world.”

So, it’s pretty clear that the foundation is going head on to challenge Microsoft. But obviously, Microsoft still hasn’t responded to their request to open-source Windows 7.

It’s highly unlikely that the tech giant is even taking this petition seriously. That’s because Microsoft will earn big bucks by providing Windows 7 ESU to anyone who pays for it.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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