Open Compute Project: Google And Facebook Join Hands To Promote Open Source Technologies


facebook open source open compute project google joincsShort Bytes: At this year’s annual Open Compute Summit, Google announced that it has joined Open Compute Project, a Facebook initiative to encourage the use of open source hardware in IT infrastructure development. Google has also collaborated with Facebook to develop a new 48V server rack that will be 30% more efficient that existing ones.

Last week Google announced that it is joining the Open Source Project (OCP), a project founded by Facebook and some other companies to promote the use of open source hardware in IT infrastructure development.

Facebook founded the project in 2011 and unveiled its latest server and data center designs. The company decided to make a difference and told the world how it was designing its modern data center hardware. Following Facebook’s footsteps, Microsoft shared its designs, only to be followed by the likes of Apple. As a result, other companies were able to adopt these designs and make their data centers more efficient.

At this year’s annual Open Compute Summit, Google, the company with the world’s most advanced data centers, announced that it has joined the project and it’s working with Facebook on a new open source hardware technology.

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OCP: Google and Facebook are developing new data center server rack

Google’s first contribution to Open Compute Summit would be a new data center server rack that will enclose a huge number of computer servers. Jumping from 12V to 48V, this new rack will deliver about 4 times more power to the servers. Google has been working on this design since 2010 and it’s about 30 percent more energy-efficient that previous 12V systems.

“As the industry’s working to solve these same problems and dealing with higher-power workloads, such as GPUs for machine learning, it makes sense to standardize this new design by working with OCP,” explains John Zipfel, Technical Program Manager, Google.

Google expects that industry will adopt this new power architecture for data centers and benefit from its power and cost efficiency. “We’re collaborating with Facebook on a common 48V rack that we intend to submit for consideration by OCP,” Zipfel writes on Google Cloud Platform Blog.

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