OnlyFans Pulls Out Of Russia

Russian OnlyFans creators bid adieu to the platform!

OnlyFans Pulls Out Of Russia
Image: OnlyFans

OnlyFans, the popular adult creator website has pulled out of Russia. The primary reason behind this pullout is the Russia-Ukraine war that is hurting digital companies the most.

OnlyFans isn’t able to facilitate payments to creators due to global sanctions. Thus, it becomes nearly impossible to keep the revenue stream active for creators on the platform.

Why did OnlyFans pull out of Russia?

The Russia-Ukraine war isn’t showing any signs of stopping, which is a bad sign for the Russian economy. Global sanctions have hit Russia where it hurts and stopped the ease of digital payments it once enjoyed. OnlyFans has an active monetization system for the creators who earn by conducting privates sessions and live streams.

Viewers tip the creators and that money is then transferred to the creator. But now it has become very difficult to organize and transfer payments to accounts. OnlyFans suspended the accounts and payments of Russian creators.

They are now stranded and have no source of income from OnlyFans unless the war stops. It is a temporary suspension and OnlyFans could become active once the payments gateways start working again.

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What do Russian creators think of this suspension?

Russian creators are furious and distraught with the suspension of their OnlyFans account. Many Russians believe Putin’s actions have caused drastic consequences in the citizens’ lives. They are a part of this war even if they don’t want to. But OnlyFans is done with Russia for now.

OnlyFans departure is long overdue because, without payments, no digital service can work. But the popular adult content company made unclear claims last month about its availability in Russia. In a statement to Vice, the company said that it wouldn’t shut shop for creators only because they belong to a certain region.

But that didn’t last long. The recent statement to Motherboard by OnlyFans reads, ” OnlyFans is a creator’s first business. Over the past few months, we have explored several options to continue providing our services to creators impacted by the Russia / Ukraine war. However, due to a further tightening of payment restrictions to and from Russia, OnlyFans can no longer properly serve our Russian creator community.

The rest of the statement explains that they will offer support to creators regarding accounts and payments. It doesn’t elaborate whether they would make payments or creators will have to wait for the situation to resolve soon. In another story, Russian soldiers stole a Ukrainian man’s AirPods and he used the Find My feature to track them.

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