How To Make Your Own TOR Proxy Router With A Raspberry Pi


raspberry_pi_onionpiShort Bytes: By investing some time and money, now you can make a portable Raspberry Pi TOR proxy router. Using this device, you can browse the internet anonymously and defeat NSA’s snooping attempts. Read more to know how it’s done.

Raspberry Pi is a single board PC that can do numerous things. It can be used to make your own PiPhone, personal VPN, Raspberry Pi Proxyham, home automation systems etc. If you feel more protective, you can use this little machine to make your own TOR proxy and browse anonymously on the go.

For those who don’t know much about TOR, it can be used by anyone to browse the internet with freedom and privacy. The TOR network encrypts your data into multiple layers and hides the source of origin of a webpage request. Before knowing more about TOR-powered Onion Pi, if your wish to learn more about this anonymity network, here’s something useful for you: What is TOR? How TOR works?

While you can run a TOR proxy on any machine, the good folks at Adafruit have created an ultra-portable Onion Pi that can be taken and used everywhere. You can set up this device at your home, office, hotel, and it’ll keep your real IP address hidden.

To make an Onion Pi, you’ll be needing the following things:

  • Raspberry Pi Model B with 512MB of RAM 
  • An ethernet cable
  • A Wi-Fi adapter
  • An SD card
  • Power supply for Pi
  • USB Console Cable and a Pi case — optional items

For setting up the Onion Pi for anonymous browsing, you can head over to Adafruit’s page for detailed step-by-step instructions.

After you’re done, simply connect your computer to the new wireless network and start using the internet over TOR. Note that this could slow down your internet speed as the packets of data need to travel longer and encryption-decryption process takes some time.

For making the Onion Pi, you can get everything you need from Adafruit or Amazon (Raspberry Pi Starter Kit + WiFi Adapter).

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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