OnePlus Announces Major Camera Improvements For Its Smartphones


OnePlus rules the roost in the mid-premium smartphone segment with its feature-loaded smartphones, packing the latest processors, and OxygenOS Android skin. However, one of the areas where OnePlus users feel that the company always neglects is the camera. Last month, OnePlus organized an Open Ears Forum in New York City and welcomed feedback from users about their smartphones.

Now, the company has announced some of the changes coming to camera and videography via OxygenOS updates based on the feedback it received. Here are some of the camera issues that the company has vowed to resolve in its upcoming and current smartphones.

OnePlus Camera Improvement Announcements

1. Consistency in exposure/color/white-balance shift

OnePlus says that its top priority is bringing consistency to all its smartphones by tuning all the cameras to have similar exposure and white balance settings.

2. Hardware and software upgrades for autofocus in 2020

OnePlus has decided to bring improvements to the autofocus feature with the help of hardware and software upgrades in OxygenOS in 2020.

3. Skin tone improvements

Several OnePlus users complained that OnePlus 6T captures dark faces and needlessly smoothens the skin tone color. The company says that it will bring skin tone consistency in cameras via future system updates in OxygenOS.

4. Super stabilization

OnePlus will bring support for 4K super stabilization by overcoming the prevalent hardware bottlenecks in some of its future OnePlus smartphones.

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5. Video HDR

OnePlus aims to solve dynamic range issues by introducing video HDR.

6. Faster shutter speed

One of the major goals of OnePlus in 2020 is upgrading the shutter speed of its cameras. It intends to do it by rolling out system updates in OxygenOS in the future.

In addition to these camera improvements in OnePlus smartphones, the company has also decided to put certain issues into backlog due to less-frequent user scenarios or high-priority other problems.

You can check out the complete list of improvements and features coming to OnePlus smartphone cameras here.

It is safe to say that the upcoming OxygenOS updates will land with tonnes of camera improvements and videography features. In case you want to test these features before they roll out in stable updates, you can install OxygenOS beta. We’ve charted out the steps you need to follow to install OxygenOS beta on your OnePlus smartphones in this guide.

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