OnePlus Foldable Teased, Literally Coming Out Of The Blue (No It Isn’t)

OnePlus just stole Samsung's thunder!

OnePlus foldable
Image: OnePlus

OnePlus USA has just teased a OnePlus foldable smartphone on its Twitter and Instagram handles. While we have seen countless rumors and leaks in the past, the company has been tight-lipped about this. The foldable’s specifications are not known yet, but the teaser reveals parts of its design.

In the 16-second long teaser, the company has shown a foldable, which is unfolded in a Samsung Galaxy Fold-like fashion. However, the design hints at a split-screen or dual-screen Android phone rather than a folded display.

If it is that way, the OnePlus foldable might be taking inspiration from the Microsoft Surface Duo and LG V60 ThinQ. The device in the teaser seems to have a tall aspect ratio, but we cannot say if it has an external display or not.

From the side, the foldable seems to have super slim bezels. With the dark screensaver running in the teaser, it looks like the device has no bezels whatsoever. Going further with the assumptions, the space-theme of the device indicates at Hasselblad cameras, like the current OnePlus flagships.

OnePlus Foldable Device Release Date

The OnePlus foldable teaser reveals that the device will be released on 11 August at 10 A.M. ET. Since the teaser came in through the OnePlus USA Twitter and Instagram, we can expect the device to first launch in the U.S.

Counterpoint Research says that OnePlus’ U.S. market share has grown by 182% percent. However, the company is yet to break into the big four’s market. All things considered, we can expect the OnePlus foldable device to come with flagship specifications, Hasselblad cameras, and super slim bezels. There were no updates about where to watch the launch at the time of writing this article. We’ll update it with the information as it rolls out.

Another interesting detail about the OnePlus foldable is that it is launching on the same day as the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung also has an event at the same date and time, and we’ve covered how you can watch the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.

Update: No OnePlus Foldable Anytime Soon

Its been almost a day since the Samsung Galaxy Unpaced event and there’s no OnePlus foldable yet. As it turns out, the teaser was what we can call a prank/leg-pulling/hint at the future. While OnePlus might come out with a foldable in the near future, we don’t have one coming out yet.

Also, it would probably be a bad move if OnePlus just tried to steal Samsung’s thunder. All things considered, after the Samsung Galaxy Fold3, Samsung has established a solid option for people looking to buy a foldable device.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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