OnePlus’ Affordable Foldable Is Coming Soon But We’ve Seen It Before

OnePlus Find N?

OnePlus Foldable
Image: Oppo

Foldable smartphones are the new fancy of the smartphone industry. Every major manufacturer has either launched one or working on it. OnePlus was not going to be far behind in this race.

At MWC 2022, OnePlus’ software head hinted about an upcoming OnePlus foldable smartphone. And now, within a few months, a new report has come out confirming the existence of a OnePlus foldable.

OnePlus foldable smartphone

Oppo Find N
Image: Oppo

Famous tipster Yogesh Barar via Pricebaba has confirmed that the OnePlus foldable phone is coming late this year. It will share its design with the Oppo Find N foldable smartphone. We don’t think anyone will be surprised if the OnePlus foldable is a rebranded Oppo Find N.

Recently OnePlus announced its merger with Oppo, and even before the merger, many OnePlus smartphones shared their design with Oppo smartphones. On top of all, both Oppo and OnePlus are owned by the same parent company BBK Electronics.

As of now, nothing much is known about whether the OnePlus foldable will feature the exact specifications as Oppo Find N or the company will make the changes accordingly to the global market. Oppo Find was launched only in China, and the company hasn’t announced it in the global market.

It was probably because Oppo planned to launch it with a OnePlus branding in the global market. Everyone praised the Oppo Find N and called it the true Galaxy Fold killer. If OnePlus comes with a design and specifications similar to Find N, it will surely give a solid competition to Samsung’s foldable lineup.

Also, this time we expect it not to be a prank to steal Samsung’s thunder but a true OnePlus foldable. What are your thoughts OnePlus launching a foldable smartphone and sharing the design with Find N? Do let us know below in the comments section.

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