OnePlus 7T Teardown Video Confirms “Unacknowledged” Water Resistance


Since the OnePlus 7T made its entry, it has received love, hatred, and various such emotions alike. Now that we know the smartphone (with the pros and cons), a new teardown video reveals further about the inside of the device.

Disclaimer: The device is fully opened up, so those weak hearts should decide if they want to watch it!

OnePlus 7T Teardown

As posted by the YouTuber “JerryRigEverything,” the video opens up the back of the OnePlus 7T to dig deeper into its inside.

Once the device is fully opened, it reveals the black plastic and battery. The black plastic hosts the NFC coil and dual-tone LED flash.

When the black plastic is removed, you will find that the not-so-likable circular camera module is a rectangular one from the inside.

It makes it clear that OnePlus took the circular route just for the looks. However, in my opinion,  it didn’t come up well for the company.

Another revelation is that underneath the motherboard, there is a red rubber gasket, which ensures that the smartphone is water-resistant.

Hence, it is yet again revealed that OnePlus smartphones remain safe from water; even the loudspeaker port has water-resistant mesh. Additionally, the device has two white water indicators that turn pink when it is wet.

However, it doesn’t have an official rating, and we don’t know in which scenario the device will remain unaffected by water.

Watch the video below to see the OnePlus 7T teardown:

I feel OnePlus should finally acknowledge the “unacknowledged” feature of its smartphones and get it certified.

Upon further opening the bottom part of the device, we get to see that the loudspeaker uses the little white foam balls, much like Apple and Samsung, for better audio output.

The video further reveals that the “non-removable” battery can be removed in reality, with some efforts.

Apart from the usual tearing down of the smartphone apart, one notable thing is that OnePlus has creatively designed the internals of the OnePlus 7T.

The internal comes with red rubber accents in several parts of the device. This makes the device visually appealing, both from the inside and the outside.

Additionally, during the teardown, the screen of the device was pretty much intact. This hints that the screen is a sturdy one; however, screen replacements can prove challenging.

You can also check out my review for the OnePlus 7T, once you are done watching the teardown.

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