Is It Just Me Or the OnePlus 7T Really Looks Like A Motorola


The famous smartphone brand OnePlus is about to launch its next flagship killers 7T and 7T Pro in almost a week at an event in New Delhi.

Just recently, the specs and launch date of the new smartphones got leaked online. Instead, the company outsmarted the leakers and picked September 26 as a launch date instead.

The company has released official images and a teaser video of the upcoming 7T series via Twitter. According to OnePlus, its latest offerings feature a “brand new design with 4th generation matte-frosted glass.”

Now speaking of the “new design.” It definitely looks gorgeous and there is a round cutout that stuffs three camera lenses and LED flash. But to me, it isn’t brand new at all.

It indeed reminds me of various Motorola devices that I have used in the last few years. The last one I was using was a Moto G6 until it got stolen a while ago (It still hurts).

Motorola has always had this round camera cutout which looked like a smiley face. And that’s why I liked their smartphones so much.

In comparison, what OnePlus is offering is a three-eyed face at the back of your phone which would seem somewhat creepy if you think about it that way. Also, it appears to be a lot bigger than the one on the Moto.

But recently, with the Moto One series, Motorola has stopped using that camera design, sometimes replaces it with bizarre looks (Yes, Moto One Zoom. I’m talking about you). Overall, it’s a big turn down for me as their phones are now similar to many other Android devices out there.

Anyway, I think it’s just me who is making all sorts of comparisons after getting nostalgic over a similar design feature. At least after seeing this leaked image, I do have one reason to buy the OnePlus 7T.

How the cameras inside the rounded cutout would actually perform? It’s a whole different story (remember OnePlus 7?).

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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