OnePlus 7 Pro Gaming Experience Is The Best You Can Get


The latest OnePlus phones have been launched at the base price of Rs. 48,999 ($699) and the OnePlus 7 Pro’s gaming experience seems simply outstanding. The phone is an all-rounder with top of the line specs, great display, and amazing battery life as evident from its specs sheet.

What all these points translate to is one of the best gaming experiences available on any mobile device. The high-powered specs of the OnePlus 7 Pro are sure to please all gaming enthusiasts. So whether you like to play PUBG Mobile or Fortnite, here’s why the OnePlus 7 Pro is the best choice for you.

OnePlus 7 Pro Gaming Experience

The specs of the OnePlus 7 Pro are given down below:

Performance Specs
CPU Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm)
GPU Adreno 640
RAM 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB LPDDR4
Display Specs
Type Fluid AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
Size 6.67 inches
Resolution 1440 x 3120 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~516 ppi density)
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 6 DCI-P3

The display of the OnePlus 7 Pro is top-notch (without a notch) to complement its hardware. The OnePlus 7 Pro display is a 6.67-inch fluid AMOLED touch screen. It has a resolution of 1440 X 3120 pixels and a massive screen-to-body ratio. OnePlus 7 Pro aces other gaming phones due to its amazing spec sheet.

oneplus 7 pro qualcomm 855

The phone has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 7nm chip paired with an Adreno 640 GPU. The device also has three RAM options 6 GB, 8 GB, and 12 GB. The 8 GB option here is the best one to satisfy both the current and future requirements of mobile gaming. The 12GB variant is overkill and you won’t be able to utilize it when compared to its price.

OnePlus 7 Pro processor’s Geekbench score

Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 845 Samsung Exynos 9810
Single Core 3518 2409 3316
Multi-Core 11178 8859 8661

*Geekbench Performance Scores

Snapdragon 855 CPU has support for ultra-fast Quad-channel LPDDR4X-4266 memory. A single Qualcomm 855 chip incorporates 4 Kyro 485 silver processors clocked in at 1.8 GHz, three Kyro 485 gold high spec chips running at 2.42GHz and another similar Kyro gold chip at a higher 2.84GHz.

The Adreno GPU supports DX12, OpenCL 2.0, OpenCL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1. The GPU is powerful enough for 8K 360 video playback and it supports HDR 10+ and H.265 codec.

Snapdragon 855 beats both Samsung Exynos and the previous Gen Snapdragon 845 in single core and multi-core performance tests.

To put this in perspective, the OnePlus 6T uses a Snapdragon 845 processor running at 1.8 GHz. It runs PUBG mobile, Fortnite, and almost every other game smoothly at 60FPS. Snapdragon 855 is going to trump over OnePlus 6T with a 45% higher Single core and 26% higher multi-core performance.

liquid cooling oneplus 7 pro

The Kyro CPU and the Adreno GPU are 20% and 30% more power efficient. This will provide a full-day battery without compromising on performance. Furthermore, the new RAM boost feature, dual Dolby Atmos speakers and the liquid cooling system will make the OnePlus 7 Pro a beast.

The Magic of 90Hz Fluid AMOLED Full Bezelless Display

One Plus 7 Pro Gaming Display

Furthermore, the 90Hz display on the OnePlus 7 Pro will keep up with the Snapdragon 855. It will display the games running faster and smoother than before.

For comparison, other flagship smartphones, including the iPhone Xs and Samsung Galaxy S10+ have a 60Hz refresh rate. Even on the gaming side, only top of the line Razer Phone 2 has a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

The 90hz display will display 50% faster frames on screen, giving players a particular advantage in competitive esports titles like PUBG Mobile and the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile.

The fully bezel-less fluid AMOLED display will exemplify how delightful mobile gaming can be. It will be a distraction-free experience for all mobile players to play on a notch-less screen with such a high screen-to-body ratio.

There are some concerns that the huge screen will trigger unnecessary button press while gaming. However, we had tested games on Samsung Galaxy S10+ which has a similar screen and faced no such problem.

The 4000mAh battery, coupled with the new and improved 38% faster charging (Warp Charge) is made for all-day gaming. The OnePlus 7 Pro only takes 20 minutes to charge 75%, which will come in handy for all night gaming marathons.

Power Fnatic Mode and UFS 3.0

One Plus 7 Pro Gaming Fnatic Mode

Fnatic mode, developed in collaboration with the esports team Fnatic, puts the OnePlus 7 Pro into an ultimate gaming device. The new feature frees up all CPU cores to be dedicated to gaming, thus minimizing any kind of lag. There is also a do-not-disturb feature which prevents any calls or texts from disturbing you while you play.

We recently informed you about how UFS 3.0 (universal flash storage) improves the performance and efficiency of a phone. The upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro will feature the UFS 3.0 is 75% faster than the current UFS 2.1 storage.

For these reasons and more like the new and improved stereo speakers, Corning Gorilla Glass 6 option will make the OnePlus 7 Pro the best value for money. gaming smartphones in the market.

We’ll be reviewing the gaming experience of the OnePlus 7 Pro in full detail so stay tuned.

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