OnePlus 6T Ad Faked Images To Show Almost Bezel-Less Screen


Tech companies often praise their smartphones while showing off their devices in their advertisements. But OnePlus decided to exaggerate on the next level.

In the new ad released by the company, the smartphone seems to have lost its top and bottom bezels almost completely —which in reality is prominently present.

The advert with the tagline ‘The Difference A Smartphone Makes,’ flaunts the various the features the new flagship has in various situations.

The first situation suggests that the girl is late for work and thanks to OnePlus 6T’s Dash Charge the device gets charged in less than half an hour that lasts an entire day.

The second situation is all about the new Nightscape feature for low-light photography wherein the guy is seen showing off the ‘fake’ room view on his social media.

In the third situation, the OnePlus 6T shows off its in-display fingerprint sensor which helps a girl unlock her device inside the purse.

Lastly, the gaming capabilities of the OnePlus 6T are flaunted. This is where the company decided to alter the bezels which make the 6T look completely bezel-less — which is not true!

Take a look at the new ad yourself:

While the company is all in praises for the OnePlus 6T, it forgot that cheating is not allowed and the practice is not a good one.

To recall, Lenovo did a similar thing for its Lenovo Z5 wherein the company displayed no bezels in the earlier images, and in reality, the device had a good amount of bezels.

We hope tech companies would stop making a fool of us and start focusing on the truth.

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Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

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