One Piece Film: Red Is Now The Highest Earning Film In Japan So Far In 2022

The new One Piece film continues to be astonishingly successful.

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One Piece Film: Red Is Now The Highest Earning Film In Japan So Far In 2022
Image Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Film: Red is looking like one of the best anime films ever made. The movie is part of the legendary Shonen franchise One Piece, so most were expecting it to do well. But no one could foresee how well received this film would really be.

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But here we are, a few weeks after release, and this movie continues to reign over the Japanese box office. So much so that it is now the most successful film that opened in Japan in the year 2022 till now. Let’s talk about this awesome achievement in detail down below.

One Piece Film: Red had the best film opening in Japan

One Piece Film: Red Is Now The Highest Earning Film In Japan So Far In 2022
Image Credit: Toei Animation

According to the report by Cinema Today, the latest One Piece movie has sold 9,298,000 tickets earning it about 12.953 billion yen. With this, the film has surpassed Top Gun Maverick to become the highest-grossing film to open in Japan till now in 2022.

While fans in Japan are enjoying this film quite a bit, many outside Japan are still waiting to see it. So, for now, the best option for us is to watch a small side arc based on the movie that was just released in the ongoing anime. If you’re interested, check out our guide on the latest episode right here.

What is the plot of One Piece Film: Red?

This is the fifteenth film in the franchise, and just like the others, it features a completely unique and separate storyline from the original anime. It takes place on the musical island of “Elgia” where the first ever concert of Uta, a singer with an unimaginably beautiful voice, is taking place. The twist is that Uta is also actually Luffy’s childhood friend, so expect the film to be all about her.

But those are not the only interesting things about Uta. She is also the daughter of Shanks, who is one of the most popular and mysterious characters of One Piece. So, fans of this manga or anime cannot afford to miss out on this awesome film.

One Piece Film: Red global release date

While the film is already making waves in Japan, fans outside Japan can rest assured that it is coming to their country as well. It will begin screening outside Japan in October 2022. For now, we know that India is getting it on October 7, 2022, and we expect to get release dates for other regions soon as well.

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