One Piece Episode 1032 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?

Big Mom and Kaido's alliance is in jeopardy!

One Piece Episode 1032 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?
Image Credit: Toei

The last episode finally brought us back to Wano after the mini flashback arc related to Uta, and now in One Piece Episode 1032, things are only going to get wilder. We saw how the alliance between Big Mom and Kaido collapsed after Big Mom obliterated Page One when she heard from Otama about Okobore town’s destruction.

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So, this will probably kick off an insane chain of events across Onigashima. Firstly, we have Ulti, who will not sit idly by after seeing her brother getting attacked like that. We also have the live floor where Marco and Chopper are leading the attack against Queen. Speaking of which, Otama, along with Nami and Usopp, will soon reach the live floor too, so it’s going to get even more chaotic.

Since so much is happening in this episode, you cannot miss it. And this guide will help you with precisely that. Also, if you’re a One Piece fan, you might want to check out the latest manga chapter as well, which had some pretty hype moments too. Now without further ado, let’s go over all that you need to know to watch the new episode.

One Piece episode 1032 release date & time: Where to watch it online?

One Piece Episode 1032 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?
Image Credit: Toei

The new episode will be coming to Japan on September 11, 2022, and the release time is going to be 10:00 AM JST. But due to the regional time differences, some fans outside Japan will get it on September 10, 2022, instead. Release times for them are 6:00 PM PT/9:00 PM ET.

And since One Piece is one of the most popular anime ever, you can guess that it is available on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. You can watch the latest episode on it and even check out the 1000+ old episodes as well.

Can I watch ‘One Piece’ episode 1032 for free online?

To stream the episode for free, you need to first see which of the streaming services you are using to watch it. On Crunchyroll, there is simply no way for you to watch the episode for free. But Funimation, on the other hand, does give a free trial to its new users. So, you can just opt for it and watch the new episode with it.

And that’s all we have for you today. Do you think Ulti stands a chance against Big Mom? What about the insanity on the live floor? Do you think Chopper and Marco can take down Queen for good? And will Otama, Nami, and Usopp finally reach the live floor? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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