Obama’s Facebook Messenger Bot Is Now “Open Source” And Available On GitHub



Short Bytes: The White House has open sourced its Facebook Messenger bot that was launched in August. The chatbot, which receives messages on behalf of President Obama, is developed using Drupal. It is available for download on the GitHub repository of the White House.

President Barack Obama’s Facebook Messenger bot went live in August. The bot has been assigned the task to interact with people and receive messages on behalf of the President. These messages are similar to the paper letters President Obama reads every day. The government chatbot serves on the Facebook page of the White House.

Taking their “meet the public where they are” mission a step further, the White House announced that they’re open sourcing the Drupal Module for the President’s messenger bot with a hope that other governments and developers can take advantage of the technology.

“We are open-sourcing a Drupal module, complete with easy steps and boiler plate code. This will enable Drupal 8 developers to quickly launch a Facebook Messenger bot,” said a blog post by Jason Goldman, Chief Digital Officer of the White House.

“We also left a few lines in the repository describing our hopes for the future of the code and encouraging members of the developer community to get involved.”

You can download the Drupal module from the White House’s GitHub repository.

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