NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Ada Lovelace GPUs Coming Next Year?

NVIDIA's next-gen Lovelace GPUs could power next-gen RTX graphics cards.

NVIDIA's Next-Gen Ada Lovelace GPUs Coming Next Year

Rumor has it that NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 series Graphic cards will be powered by next-gen Ada Lovelace 5nm GPUs. Meanwhile, rumors around the web have been floating around for months now. However, leakster Greymon55 claims that the project is finalized and will not change.

The leakster also claims that NVIDIA would launch its GeForce RTX 40 series based on next-gen Ada Lovelace architecture. Furthermore, the leakster claims that the Ada Lovelace GPUs will replace the Ampere lineup centered on TSMC’s 5nm process node. However, not much can be said if it’s going to be the standard N5 or the N5P node.

NVIDIA RTX 40 series featuring 5nm Lovelace GPUs

The Ada Lovelace GPUs would primarily be for gaming; however, if another rumor is to be believed, the Ada Lovelace GPU will fall behind AMD’s RDNA 3 performance-wise. If this happens, and that’s a big ‘if,’ NVIDIA could scrap the Ada Lovelace GPUs and move directly to NVIDIA’s own Hopper MCM architecture.

While all this seems interesting, there’s another side to this story. According to YouTuber – Moore’s Law is Dead, NVIDIA’s next-gen Ada Lovelace GPU architecture is not just for desktops. Rather, we could see the next-gen Ada Lovelace GPU architecture in the next-gen Nintendo Switch.

While some of the NVIDIA leakers are confident that the Lovelace is the next desktop architecture, if the said architecture is for a new and powerful Switch, things could very well turn the other way around. The Lovelace architecture could also be adopted by SOCs for many products, Switch being one example.

While all this sounds good and promising, it’s still long till we get to see anything coming out anytime soon. The next-gen graphics card wouldn’t come out until the end of 2022, so there’s still time. Moreover, before the next-gen Lovelace GPUs make their way, NVIDIA has planned the GeForce RTX 30 ‘super’ series for the coming year.

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