Nvidia RTX GPU Will Make AI-Powered Green Screen Without Any Props

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Nvidia RTX GPU will now be able to create an AI-powered green screen without the use of any props. This new feature is the way live streams look on platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer.

This new tech is courtesy of the Tensor Cores powering the RTX series graphics card. The new Video Codec SDK from Nvidia will enable virtual green screens and several new features.

Nvidia RTX GPU Will Enable Virtual Green Screens

Nvidia RTX GPU will now have the ability to instantly remove the background behind the streamer and turn it into a wallpaper OR videogame art. The latest SDK from Nvidia includes RTX Greenscreen, RTX AR, and RTX Style Filters.

The RTX greenscreen easily differentiates the user from the background and instantly creates a virtual green screen by making it transparent. RTX AR enables real-time motion tracking and facial recognition to allow the use of Augmented Reality effects. It can allow a user to wear a virtual hat, control animated faces and a lot more.

RTX Style filters flip the theme of your live stream instantly using a single hotkey. This feature utilizes a technique called Style Transfer to change your stream’s background with a painting, artwork or high-resolution graphic.

Nvidia is working with OBS to bring RTX Greenscreen support. On this occasion, Hugh Bailey, an author from OBS, said: “We have collaborated with NVIDIA over the years on many projects and the introduction of the NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine is by far the most exciting.”

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Nvidia Broadcast SDKs Work In Collaboration With Multitude Of Live Streaming Apps

Aside from Nvidia’s own RTX Broadcast engine, a number of live-streaming apps like OBS, Streamlabs, Huya, and Douya have deployed the new Nvidia Codec SDK.

Furthermore, this month Discord and Elgato have integrated the Nvidia Codec SDK. In Discord, the SDK is deployed in the broadcasting feature for groups called “Go Live.” Elgato, a video game capture card maker, embedded the Nvidia Video Codec SDK in the software of their 4K60 Pro MK.2 capture card.

Twitch, the world-famous streaming app, has also integrated the Nvidia Video Codec SDK but the service is in beta at the moment.

Nvidia will be showing off these features at the OBS booth in TwitchCon scheduled for 27th September 2019.

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