Nvidia’s Next Powerful GPU May Have 12GB GDDR6 RAM

Nvidia Prototype GPU 12GB GDDR6 ram

Nvidia might be working on their next-generation graphics card which could feature a whopping 12GB GDDR6 video memory. At least this is what is suggested by the leaked image of a supposed Nvidia prototype GPU on Reddit. Although the original post has been taken down, what comes on the internet stays forever.

The prototype was uploaded by a Redditor named “dustinbrooks,” whose post claimed that the under-development graphics card was in testing. But the ambitious chip seems to be far from completion as it lacks some essential components, including the GPU core.

There are 12 GDDR6 memory chips located around the solder balls of the missing GPU core. According to TechPowerUp, these are Micron-made 8Gbit GDDR6 modules with 14Gbps data rate and operating at 1.35V.

The board has a 384-bit memory bus, which, when taken together with the 12GB memory, delivers a total memory bandwidth of 672 GB/s, outperforming both Nvidia GTX 1080Ti and AMD’s Vega 64.

After guessing the size of the GPU core that’s nowhere to be seen in the picture, it could be assumed that it would be a successor of Nvidia GP102 core, which is currently found in 1080Ti.

The graphics beast which is yet to become a reality would suck more electricity than any consumer GPU around, suggests TechPowerUp as the image shows three 8-pin power connectors on the board.

However, in reality, all of this still a rumor. But, apparently, rumors are turning out to be true more often in the recent years. Let’s wait for what Nvidia has to offer in the coming future sailing on the GDDR6 boat.

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