Nvidia GTX 1630 Leaked: Here’s How It Competes With Intel Arc Graphics

Nvidia GTX 1630 could come at $150 USD or less!

Nvidia GTX 1630 Leaked: Here's How It Competes With Intel Arc Graphics
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Nvidia RTX cards are top-tier hardware that will put a hole in your pockets. The last two years witnessed huge RTX 30 series GPU launches and subsequent price rises due to limited stocks. Scalpers were having a great time hoarding and reselling these GPUs.

But slowly the prices have come down and Nvidia is focusing on other GPUs like the GTX 1630. Yes! Nvidia is planning to launch a GTX 1630 GPU in 2022. As baffling as it sounds, Nvidia is quite serious with the intention of an entry-level GPU that can fit into most users’ budgets.

Colorful, which is a Chinese GPU maker, accidentally leaked the details pointing to the new GTX 1630 GPU which may launch soon.

What does the leak say about Nvidia GTX 1630?

Colorful’s website page clearly showcases the listing of Nvidia GTX 1630. When a graphic card manufacturer lists a card, it is pretty much a surety that the card is indeed being manufactured. The OEM removed the listing pretty soon but it had already made the news by then. Nael Grewther tweeted about the upcoming card from Nvidia that will surely be a rejoice for aspiring budget gamers.

Nvidia GTX 1630
Image: GSMArena

But as Nael puts it, the card doesn’t seem to be something eager to wait about. It is a budget product that is a trimmed version of a GTX 1650. Rumors suggest that this card will replace the dying GTX 1050 which struggles now and then.

The budget tag of the new GPU from Nvidia may compete with similarly priced GPUs from AMD and Intel. Don’t forget Intel’s Arc A380 which is planning to launch soon and will support DisplayPort 2.0. Gizmodo expects the upcoming GPU to be under the $150 price range, which is a pretty good estimation. Nvidia GTX 1630 will have half the CUDA cores and 64-bit memory bus driving 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM.

It will be based on the older Turing architecture and will thus lack ray-tracing capabilities. But you cannot expect a $150 card to offer ray tracing anyways! Meanwhile, wait for Nvidia to launch the card in the coming weeks.

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