NVIDIA Announces Drive PX 2 “Supercomputer” For Self-driving Cars


NVIDIA-Drive-PX-2-150-Macbook-Pros-635x357Short Bytes: Participating in the self-driving car race, NVIDIA has launched NVIDIA Drive PX 2 – the world’s most powerful engine for in-vehicle artificial intelligence. Using the AI advantage, Drive PX 2 aims to provide a safe and comfortable self-driving experience.

Technology company NVIDIA has announced a new AI-powered supercomputer to drive cars autonomously. Called Drive PX2, it’s a follow-up to the last year’s Drive CX. The supercomputer is the size of a lunchbox and has power equivalent to “150 MacBook Pros.”

In a conference leading to CES 2016, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang labeled Drive PX 2 as the “world’s first supercomputer for self-driving cars.” Powered by the 12 NVIDIA GPUs, Drive PX allows the cars to use artificial intelligence to tackle the complex real world problems faced by automobiles. The 12 CPU cores support a combined 8 teraflops and 24 deep learning tera operations per second.

“Drivers deal with an infinitely complex world,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “Modern artificial intelligence and GPU breakthroughs enable us to finally tackle the daunting challenges of self-driving cars.”


This water-cooled supercomputer by NVIDIA features a software NVIDIA DriveWorks that comes with software tools that focus on the development of autonomous vehicles.

These processors based on Pascal architecture deliver up to 24 trillion deep learning operations per second. This makes Drive PX about 10 times faster than the previous-generation product.


With the help of 12 video cameras, plus lidar, radar and ultrasonic sensors, it detects objects accurately and processes the information to calculate the right path for traveling. To test this product, NVIDIA has partnered with Volvo that will deploy it in its self-driving vehicles.

CES runs from January 6-9 in Las Vegas. We’ll be covering the event in a big way, so stay tuned with fossBytes to get the latest updates.

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