WoW: Nvidia And AMD GPUs Could See A 2x Performance Jump In Future

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TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, also called Taiwan Semiconductor, is the world’s largest independent silicon foundry. The company also makes graphics cards for Nvidia and AMD, who are the GPU industry leaders.

In a groundbreaking development, TSMC has announced (Via: PCGamesN) a new technology that can bring substantial performance improvements for chips. Named “Wafer on Wafer” or WoW, this 3D stacking technology is used to connect two wafers to each other directly. This method eradicates the need for an interposer for connection.

In case you’re aware of 3D NAND memory technology, and how its fabrication is done, you might find WoW similar to layer stacking process in SSDs.

The current GPUs of AMD and Nvidia are based on a single wafer. With the help of newer technology, two wafers must be mirrored to work together and connected using through-silicon vias (in/out connection piercings).

While this manufacturing technology will make way for twice performance improvement without an increase in size or density, there are some practical roadblocks. As two wafers are stacked on top of each other, any damage to any one of the chips will make the other chip useless. Thus this process needs to be high-yielding.

However, TSMC is known for its advanced manufacturing techniques. So, it won’t be much surprising for the company to come up with some way to 3D stack chips and make the promised performance jump a reality.

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Adarsh Verma

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