NSA Officials Watching Lots of Porn, That Too in a Special Porn Room

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Just when you thought that the National Security Agency (NSA) of USA is busy all day long looking at your personal information and running its Global Mass Surveillance, things got a little bit interesting and shocking. Watching hardcore porn could be just another working day for NSA and CIA officials.  Yes, NSA employees watch a lot of porn at work. So much that they even have a special NSA porn room where agents look for the hidden clues in porno movies to take care of the national security.

The Daily Beast writes that intelligence agencies like NSA, CIA and National Counterterrorism Center have employed special therapists to help the officials treat their emotional trauma after watching graphic violent content, ISIS beheading, child pornography etc. all day long. Many times terrorists embed and encrypt messages inside these pictures and videos. So, analysts watch all this graphic content to look for some clues.

As a result, NSA and CIA employees suffer from feelings like anger, grief, depression and other mental disorders and sicknesses. They receive daily treatments in the special psychological sessions to cope with this emotional trauma. According to the Daily Beast, former officers have told them that many times therapists too visit the NSA porn room to watch the same graphic content with the patient to help them.

The volume of porn being analyzed is so much that there is a special porn room for this.”

Earlier in the past, Edward Snowden has leaked documents to the Huffington Post that reveal a story of similar nature. Analysts watch porn to analyze the habits of terrorists. Tons of pornographic videos were found in Osama Bin Laden’s compound.

“Typically, for operators working in support of military operations, they’re told, ‘You’re going to see images that might disturb you. Just prepare yourself and realize there are counselling resources available to you,’” Brendan Conlon, an ex-officer told.

Watching lots of porn at work may sound like a job perk to some people, but it isn’t fun when there are children and violence involved in it, according to a NSA former official.

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