NSA HACKED!!! Multiple Hacking Tools And Exploits Leaked Online


NSA HACKED EQUATION GROUPShort Bytes: A hacking group named The Shadow Brokers has claimed to hack a group linked to the NSA. The hackers have posted a bunch of hacking tools and files online. They have also asked for 1 million in an auction to reveal more files. While the credibility of the hack remains questionable, many security experts are calling it legit.

It seems that the NSA has been hacked. This is being speculated after a group of hackers going by the name “The Shadow Brokers” has claimed to breach an NSA-controlled hacking organization.

The hacking group has  leaked some private hacking tools and exploits. The hackers are also asking for 1 million bitcoin (about $568 million) in an auction to release all the files.

The incident took place on August 13 when The Shadow Brokers released files on GitHub. These hackers claim to have penetrated the Equation Group, a hacking group that’s broadly assumed to be the NSA.

A sample of these stolen files also poses a similarity with NSA’s hacking operations revealed in the Snowden leaks. The names of some common tools in both dumps are “BANANAGLEE” or “EPICBANANA.”

The dumped files contain installations scripts, exploits targeted to some specific firewalls and routers, and c&c server configurations.


Below is a part of the message by hackers:

How much you pay for enemies cyber weapons? Not malware you find in networks. Both sides, RAT + LP, full state sponsor tool set? We find cyber weapons made by creators of stuxnet, duqu, flame. Kaspersky calls Equation Group. We follow Equation Group traffic. We find Equation Group source range. We hack Equation Group. We find many many Equation Group cyber weapons. You see pictures. We give you some Equation Group files free, you see. This is good proof no? You enjoy!!! You break many things. You find many intrusions. You write many words. But not all, we are auction the best files.

At the moment, it’s not clear if the breach is real. However, multiple security experts from all across the world are finding the hack credible.

If this hack proves to be legit, it would be this year’s most high-profile hack. In any other case, it would be a neat plan to grab a big pile of cash.

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