“Now On Tap” is Android’s Coolest Feature in a Long Time


android now on tap
At Google I/O 2015 conference, Google debuted an early build of Now on Tap, Google’s new mind reader context-based search feature that looks like the coolest Android feature in a long period of time.

What is Now on Tap feature in Android?

Now on Tap is a new way to search content inside apps automatically. So, when you’re in an app, you have to hold down the home button and then Now on Tap starts its magic. Your phone’s Android will figure out the content on the screen and then perform a Google Now search. While the usual search results brings back a list of links, Now on Tap brings back organized information for you.

Let us suppose you are chatting with a friend and it mentions the movie Mad Max: Fury Road and if you hold the home button, a tiny card will pop up from the screen-bottom with information about the movie from the web and apps like IMDb.

android now on tap

Let me tell you another example: Suppose you are using Facebook and somebody posted something about the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Suddenly it strikes you that you’ve read this book long back but you don’t remember its writer. So, you’ll simply press the home button and you will get a tiny little card popping up with the information and the answer Harper Lee.

android now on tap

So as seen on Android M, Now on Tap is an intuitive search that works with apps – actually all apps – and you will have to never leave the app window and open the browser to search your query. Now on Tap is like your phone’s digital eye that reads your screen and brain to give you the desired result.

android now on tap
Now on Tap appears in a flash and you can call it whenever you want by long pressing the home button. Now on Tap makes your life easier and does the things you think of. It gives you suggestions and you are the one who decides to go with the result or ignore it.

This feature in Android M is the most exciting part of the next iteration of Google’s Android operating system and it surely has the capability to take Google’s personal assistant far past Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

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