After Instagram, Google Seems To Be Copying Snapchat; Here’s How


Google has countless numbers of messaging apps and those apps have a plethora of features, both existing and new ones. Trying to add more features to its Android Messages app, Google could soon be adding geofilters to it, much like Snapchat and Instagram.

As per a report by XDA Developers, Google is likely to follow in the footsteps of Snapchat and Instagram and introduce image filters, five in numbers to start with. The filters are named Plane, Balloons, Fireworks, Confetti, and Angel.

It is suggested that geo filters can be enabled in the Messages app while a user sends images to another user. To clear the air, the filters can be used only in the Messages app and can be sent in the MMS, SMS, or RCS format, depending upon the format the user’s smartphone supports.

google messages filter
Image: XDA Developers

As Google is currently testing the new image filters, there is no word on when exactly Google will release them for us to use. Additionally, we don’t know whether or not Google has more such filters in store for us.

When Instagram aped Snapchat with Instagram Stories and various geo filters, we could clearly see how the former rose to popularity, giving Snapchat a hard time. If Google plans to adopt the same strategy, it could also succeed.

However, past trends have suggested that social networking isn’t Google’s cup of tea. If not much, its Messages app could also get more famous and it could help Google push its usage to more people.

Anyway, we need to wait until Google officially announces the new feature for Android Messages. So, stay tuned for further details.

To recall, Google will soon unveil RCS-based messages in the Android Messages app for users in the UK and France and will eventually be rolled out to other places.

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