Now Get A Floating Solar System In Your Office With Magic Leap


magic-leap-floating-solar-syatem-inoffice-augmented-realityShort Bytes: Augmented Reality startup Magic Leap gave a teaser of its developing technology at WSJD live event with a floating solar system in an office.

Google-backed Augmented Reality startup Magic Leap had promised the world a kickass future of AR few months back, and it has indeed lived up to its promise. The company teased the tech enthusiasts with a short video that showed a floating solar system and a floating drone in an office.

The sight looks pretty amazing and real as you can not identify for a few seconds that if the drone is real or augmented real! The teaser was shown at the WSJD live event in California.

Since the advent of Augmented and Virtual Reality concepts, many major brands like Facebook with its Oculus Rift and Microsoft with its HoloLens and startups have showed a keen interest in the development of this technology. Read How Virtual Reality works for a better understanding of the idea.

It is not just that high-end gaming junkies or the scholars that are awaiting the arrival of the technology, Disney has even created an app for the young children that converts their drawings into 3D augmented reality characters.  

Watch below the teaser by Magic Leap. I can’t wait to get myself a floating solar system in my office (I really hope to get more choices on what I want to have floating in my office though).

Are you interested getting one such augmented reality gadget for yourself? Tell us in comments below.

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