Now Computers Will Feel Your Emotions, Thanks to Sneaky Machine Learning Software

machine learning system reads texts
machine learning system reads texts


There was a time when text messages were as simple as any text and expressions were to be portrayed with the use of words, but then came the emoticons which served as medium to convey our emotions and expressions while texting. However, it will be more interesting to know that now without the use of anything like this, the computer will itself be capable of spotting emotions from love to hatred, from irony to sarcasm, from stress to happiness- that means that your words are going to reveal all your emotions to the machine without even letting you know.

Kudos to the newly developed machine learning system that has capabilities to read your emotions hidden in your words. This machine learning system is the child of a computer science students’ brain, named Eden Saig. The basic mechanism behind the work is recognition of repeated word patterns.

Saig is a student at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology in Israel. He came up with his innovation at the Technion’s Learning and Reasoning Laboratory under the supervision of Professor Shaul Markovich , one among the Technion faculty of Computer science. Noticeably, Saig has done a course in artificial intelligence. As per Saig, emoticons or the smiley faces are not sufficient or suitable enough to voice every human emotion. According to him, they could never reveal the subtle or complex feelings that exist in a real-time verbal conversation.

The idea came to his mind after keenly observing the posts on various social networking sites, especially on facebook and twitter. On observing, he identified an existing pattern and after working was able to design a system that could predict future patterns on any social network.

He examined approx 5,000 posts on social media pages and via statistical analysis came up to a learning system to recognize even the slang as it is most commonly used on social networks by almost everyone. It was then made to identify certain keywords and grammatical habits that were characteristic of a sentence structure implying a certain sentiment. So the system is capable to read sender’s sentiments and can even send messages to the user when it finds a message to be full of hatred or sarcasm or irony. Also, it can predict the suicidal intentions of the person by reading between the lines.

So now reading between the lines and decoding the words is going to be a new trend. Be careful while texting, the machine might be reading your sentiments for the other person.

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Source: Times of Israel, Image: MIT

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