Nothing Phone (1) Launch Date And Price Leaked

Nothing Phone (1) is coming sooner than expected

Nothing Phone (1)
Image: Yanko Design

Nothing Phone (1) generates plenty of hype and excitement, and users are eagerly anticipating its launch. The London-based startup is introducing some innovative features that are expected to leave a mark in the industry.

These include a transparent back that displays the inner functionality of the smartphone, wireless charging support, and a recycled aluminum frame.

However, the company is yet to reveal the launch date as the pending announcement makes people wonder about features, design, and other components.

The Launch Date & Price?

A new leak from Germany claims that the device will launch on July 21. However, it’s still unclear whether that’s the date of unveiling or the sale, but one way or another, it seems to be an important day for the company and the users waiting for the smartphone.

We have some official information from Carl Pei himself as he reveals that Nothing phone (1) is launching in the summer. So, let’s wait and watch what happens as the events unfold.

One of the most interesting factors is the rumored pricing, which is said to be around €500. Although high-end smartphones are becoming expensive each year in today’s market, the price makes us instantly believe that Nothing phone (1) will not be an all-out flagship at such a price.

Will it be the next “Flagship Killer”?

Of course, we are talking about Carl Pei. The Nothing founder also happens to be the co-founder of OnePlus. It is one of the reasons that the users are so excited about the launch of the smartphone due to the founder’s expertise in the sector.

It also wouldn’t be a surprise if he used a similar formula for the startup to the one he has used for OnePlus previously and made it a prominent name in the industry. However, unfortunately, it is all rumors as the company is yet to make an official stance on the situation; thus, you need to take all the news with a grain of salt.

While we wait for the launch date and debate whether the German leaks are real, maybe someone would like to come up with a picture of the device? It’s quite odd to have a launch date without leaking the design and model’s shape.



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