Nothing Ear (Stick) Is Official: A Step-Up In The TWS-Case Game

Nothing Ear (Stick) featured
Image: Nothing

Nothing knows how to build the hype, keep it there, and land fairly onto user expectations. After the Nothing Ear (1) and Phone (1), the company has now revealed the Nothing Ear (Stick). It is a cylindrical case for the Nothing buds.

Since the company has teased just the Nothing Ear (Stick) case, for now, we can’t say much about the buds in it. Judging by the official picture, they look exactly like the Ear (1) buds, but these may be updated buds.

Nothing Ear (Stick): Let’s stick to the case

Be it the Phone (1) or the Ear (1), you can either like Nothing products or dislike them. There’s no middle ground. Similarly, the Nothing Ear (Stick) looks completely different from the TWS cases we’ve seen so far. While the last transparent case also did well for Nothing, this one takes the game to another level.

A cylindrical form factor means the company can make a tall but slim case. This could translate into a sleek package without compromising the battery backup. If you carefully look at the images, you’ll see red accents on one side of the case.

The buds rest opposite to each other, with the in-ear part towards the inside of the case. The case also has a deep, scooped look, which means the stem portion of the buds will rest higher than the in-ear portion, making it easier to pick them up.

If you’ve seen the Nothing Ear (1) case in the plastic (flesh for TWS case), you know it isn’t pocket friendly. But the slick Nothing Ear (Stick) could change that and should change that for good.

Coming to the buds themselves, there’s officially nothing out there about the Nothing Ear (Stick) buds. We can’t say if these will be updated buds or the same as the Ear (1). Past leaks showcased the Stick to launch alongside the Phone (1), but that didn’t happen.

However, newer leaks suggest that these will be IP54-rated and support Bluetooth v5.2. Lastly, the Nothing Ear (Stick) price is expected to be around €99, which roughly translates to INR 7,800.

We also have a question for you. If you already own the Nothing Ear (1), will you buy just the Nothing Ear (Stick) case to store the old buds? Do let us know in the comments.

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