Nord VPN Launches Meshnet To Let You Link Multiple Devices

A neat new VPN trick to add to your convenience.

Nord VPN Launches Meshnet To Let You Link Multiple Devices
Image: NordVPN

When it comes to online security, Nord VPN is quite the trusted brand endorsed by many. Today, The company announced a feature called Meshnet, making an addition to its slew of features. Meshnet allows users to directly connect to other devices instead of routing the traffic through a VPN server.

After enabling Meshnet, users away from home can route their traffic through a laptop left at home. This will allow them to browse the internet with their own IP address even while being away.

What is Meshnet about?

Nord VPN Launches Meshnet To Let You Link Multiple Devices
Image: Nord VPN

“With Meshnet you connect to a specific not VPN user on a device that you have formed the prior connection with,” said the company’s blog post.

After you route your traffic to a Meshnet device the traffic will be encrypted. It is exactly like when you’re connected to a Nord VPN server. The only difference is that you’ll have the IP address of the device you are routing your traffic through.

“Whereas a traditional NordVPN connection redirects your internet traffic via servers, Meshnet lets you create your own NordVPN server, that is made up of only your own or your friends’ devices. You don’t even have to worry about their location. All that’s needed is a NordVPN subscription,” said, product strategist, Vykintas Maknickas.

Users may easily transmit and receive files from family, friends, and coworkers using Meshnet. They no longer need to host their work projects on a server. It also functions as a virtual LAN, allowing users to play multiplayer games with their friends without the requirement of LAN wires.

Users must update their NordVPN app and ensure that they are connected via the NordLynx protocol in order to use Meshnet. After that, simply turn it on in the NordVPN app and attach up to 10 personal or 50 external devices.

How to use it?

  • Tap on the NordVPN app on your device and turn on Meshnet.
  • Add the devices you’d like to connect to by sending invitations to other NordVPN users; or by enabling it on your other devices.
  • you can now access other devices by selecting their IP address or name from the app connection screen.

You can go ahead and use the feature right away. Do let us know your thoughts about Meshnet in the comments below.

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