All Nokia Android Phones Will Get Android Oreo Update

If Nokia (HMD Global), have to make a big name again, they need to do little extra than others, and that also includes timely Android updates to their users.

While there seems to be a suspense regarding which devices would get the Android Oeo update, HMD Global has raised the curtain from their fleet of smartphones.

All Nokia phones, including Nokia 8, Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3, but certainly not Nokia 3310, will get Android Oreo update. The news was confirmed in a tweet made by Juko Sarvikas, HMD’s Chief Product Officer.

Sarvikas has kept his lips tight on the possible release date of the Android Oreo update for Nokia phones, saying, he doesn’t want to get into trouble after promising a timeline.

As far as the released date is concerned, the Nokia Oreo update would release before the end of this year as Google mentioned HMD Global’s name in the list of their partners pushing out Android 8.0 before 2017 says goodbye.

The Nokia brand made a debut in the Android ecosystem earlier this year with the release of Nokia 6,5, and 3, manufactured by HMD Global. It was followed by the release of Nokia 8 in August.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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