Nokia Phones Allegedly Sent User Information To Chinese Servers


Data breaches seem to have become a trend in the tech world as various tech companies appear to be involved in some (everyone knows about Facebook!). Now, a new report suggests that HMD Global-owned Nokia could also be a part of the league, as some Nokia phones have reportedly sent user information to Chinese servers.

According to a report by NRK, a Nokia 7 Plus user claimed that his smartphone contacted a server in China and sent data packages in unencrypted form.

It is suggested that the data packages included enough information for the receiver to monitor the smartphone’s activities in real-time. However, there is no word on exactly what other user details were sent.

Upon a thorough investigation conducted by NRK, HMD Global accepted that an unknown number of the Nokia 7 Plus devices had shared data with servers in China which is claimed to be due to a software glitch.

For this, the Finnish company released an update for the Nokia 7 Plus users to solve the issue.

While HMD Global remained silent on the details of the data breach, the company suggested that the Chinese servers collected no personal data.

However, technical director of technology at the Data Inspectorate, Atle Årnes has claimed otherwise and suggested that if the data was sent to a third-party source, personal information was bound to be collected.

Following this, the Finnish Ombudsman for Data Protection, Reijo Aarnio, said that an investigation would be conducted to find out whether or not HMD Global-owned Nokia was a part of the data breach.

The news comes as another warning to us that our data is not safe on our beloved smartphones or social media, and we need strict regulations at our disposal to eliminate this.

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