Nokia Just Launched Its Own Voice Assistant “MIKA” For Some Special Purpose

Nokia MIKA Digital Assistant

Short Bytes: At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Nokia will demonstrate their new digital assistant called MIKA or Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant. Not a regular voice assistant like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, MIKA is specially crafted for the telecommunication sector where it will be able to help the engineers with voice-activated access to information and save their time.

We recently heard about Nokia with the launch of the Nokia 6 smartphone, but it is a work of HMD Global carrying the Nokia brand name. The original Nokia has been living a low profile since it sold its smartphone business to Microsoft. However, last year, the company made news with some internet speed records and lawsuits against Apple.

In 2017, Nokia has arrived with something new, a voice-activated digital assistant. Although, it is not something we haven’t seen in the past. The digital assistant, known as MIKA (Multi-Purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant), is designed with a different utility in mind.

Instead of being a commercial voice assistant for everyday users to make online bookings and play music, MIKA will be used by engineers and operators in the telecom sector. It will help them access information using voice commands reducing their focus on less important things.

Nokia AVA, a cognitive service platform, is the driving force behind MIKA. The digital assistant leverages augmented intelligence and automated learning. It facilitates a plethora of tools, documents, and data sources. MIKA – accessible on web and mobile – can suggest network problem solutions based on what it has observed on other networks.

Nokia notes that their digital assistant can save around an hour of productive time in a day. The company is prepared to demonstrate their ambitious digital assistant tech at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

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