Nokia-Huawei Partnership; X60 And X60 Pro May Run HarmonyOS: Report

Nokia could ditch Android for its new devices

Nokia X60 and X60 Pro HarmonyOS- Nokia-Huawei partnership- featured image
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The upcoming Nokia X60 and X60 Pro phones are rumored to run Huawei’s Hongmeng/HarmonyOS. Developed by Huawei as an Android alternative in 2019, the OS was initially developed for Huawei’s TVs.

A report by IThome says that Nokia is planning to connect with Huawei to run the Hongmeng system. This could mean the upcoming Nokia X60 may run HarmonyOS.

Nokia X60 With HarmonyOS Expected Specifications

Nokia X60 and X60 Pro HarmonyOS- Nokia-Huawei partnership
Representative image

While Nokia’s expanding 5G efforts are continuing, the company’s partnership with Huawei could translate to Nokia smartphones without Android.

The first of those phones are expected to be the Nokia X60 and X60 Pro. The devices are speculated to come with a curved screen and a massive 200 MP camera unit. It won’t be a surprise if Nokia does this, as the company is known for ridiculously cool camera designs in the past.

While there’s nothing on the processor yet, the Nokia X60 and X60 Pro are expected to come with as much as 6000 mAh battery. Both will be 5G devices, running HarmonyOS from Huawei.

Aside from the existing HarmonyOS compatible devices, the Nokia X60 and X60 Pro running HarmonyOS could give the Android alternative a bigger stage.

However, we’d recommend you to take this news with a grain of salt, since Nokia’s stock Android smartphones are appreciated for the clean interface and fast updates. Also, Hongmeng or HarmonyOS is limited to China as of now. It is yet to make it to the global mainstream market.

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