Watch: Nokia 3310 Survives A 1000 Ft. Drop Test Against iPhone 11 Pro

nokia 3310 1000 ft drop test
Image: How Ridiculous

It seems like the Nokia 3310 is the eternal phone of them all and although it is the era of smartphones, its name won’t fade away so easily. That’s not what I’m saying but a recent video on YouTube, which shows how the Nokia 3310 withstood a 1000 feet drop test and still worked.

The Immortal Nokia 3310!

As per a recent video by YouTube channel ‘How Ridiculous’, the Nokia 3310 had to go through a drop test, along with the iPhone 11 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The drop test was performed at different height levels via a helicopter — 100 feet, 150 feet, 250 feet, 500 feet, 750 feet, and 1000 feet. As a matter of surprise, the Nokia 3310 survived all heights and operated just fine.

While the feature phone was pulled to pieces when it hit the ground, it still worked and the presenter played the iconic Snake game after the drop test.

The same drop test was performed on the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 and both the smartphones worked even after the fall.

While the iPhone 11 had a broken back, the Galaxy S10 had a broken rear camera module after the drop.

In addition to this, both the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy S10 were dropped again, this time with their video recorders on. Yet again, both smartphones worked just fine.

Watch the video to find out for yourself:

But the Nokia 3310 Didn’t Survive A Previous Drop Test!

For those who don’t know, the Nokia 3310 faced a similar situation wherein it was dropped from a height of 20 stories from a spiral staircase. But it couldn’t survive the drop test and lost to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The new drop test shows that the Nokia 3310 still got it and made way for loads of funny comments on the video. Here’s a look at some of them:

Nokia 3310 1000 ft drop test 1

Nokia 3310 1000 ft drop test 2

Nokia 3310 1000 ft drop test 3

Nokia 3310 1000 ft drop test 4

Additionally, this further proves that the iPhone 11 is another contender for the durability test as it survived tough drop tests and even the liquid foam test.

Let me know in the comments section how you feel about the video.

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