No Network, No Data Pack: Messaging App Jott Is Your New Dream App


Only when we thought there was no need for yet another messaging app, a hot new messaging app is in news and for all good reasons. Jott, an instant messaging app lets you send data and texts without an internet connection.

Jott uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios to create a locked network with other devices that are within 100-feet of each other. Jared Allgood, CEO and co-founder of Jott, said that the app targeted  the teens, and the entire customer base of Jott consists of 13 to 18-year olds. Jott has been a hot commodity with the U.S. teenagers and kids and that success helped Jott close a $1.8 million seed funding round from numerous protruding venture capital firms.

This messaging app startup has doubled its users to half a million active users in March and its user base is increasing with a rate of 15,000 to 20,000 users per day.

In the future, Allgood believes that Jott could be used for more than just teen texting, envisaging it as a possible lifesaver during a natural disaster. Since the connections are devised through the device, Joyy messages will get routed through in emergency situations and cases when cell phone towers go down and texts can no longer be sent through phone.

Allgood elucidated: “You could be on top of Mount Everest or on an airplane completely disconnected and yet still be able to send text messages.”

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How Jott Works?

The usual text messages are first transmitted from your cell phone to the nearest cell tower and then they are directed to the person you are texting. On the other hand, Jott sends texts without any service provider by using something called mesh network that works on Bluetooth low energy (or router) that has a range of 100 feet. While instant messaging apps are the seeing an exponential growth, the usual texting is still common in schools as the teenagers want to make new friends but not each one of them has a data plan.

Explaining the privacy measures, Jayson Ahlstrom, Jott’s COO and co-founder said that Jott provides a level of comfort and safety measure and takes care of the teen’s security interests.

It would be interesting to see if Jott changes the game of texting in near future.

Download Jott for Android and iOS here.

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