No More Heroes 3 Gets Cracked On PC Release

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No More Heroes 3 has been cracked by pirated groups immediately after its release on PC. The game initially came out on the Nintendo Switch in 2022. Recently, the game also made its way to PC, Playstation, and Xbox consoles.

Previously, the game could be pirated on PC through Nintendo Switch emulators. However, getting the files for a Nintendo Switch game and running it through an emulator can be tricky. But the recent No More Heroes 3 crack makes it easier for the game to be pirated.

No More Heroes 3 Gets Cracked

The game came out for PC on October 11, a year after being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. However, unlike the previous installments, the game didn’t have an always-online requirement. Due to this, the game came out on Steam without any DRM protection.

Pirate groups could then crack No More Heroes 3 from Steam using emulators. Many pirate groups have previously used these emulators to crack popular games on their release. Some examples include games like NBA 2K23, Grounded, Cyberpunk 2077, Saints Row Reboot, and more.

Pirate groups have also cracked many games, even with Denuvo protection. For more information, check out our list of all Denuvo-protected games cracked by pirate groups.

About the game

No More Heroes 3 is an open-world hack-and-slash game with a goofy storyline and a unique take on gameplay. The PC version of the game also fixes the performance issues that were prevalent on the Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, the game isn’t limited to 30 FPS anymore and can run smoothly at 60 FPS.

However, the game still features only minimal graphical settings with limited options. We recommend checking out No More Heroes 3 on Steam instead of pirating the cracked version of the game.

Disclaimer: Fossbytes does not support piracy and advises users not to break copyright laws. This article is only for educational purposes.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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