There’s No Law For Killer Robots: A Deadly Leap In The Artificial Intelligence


Killer robots

Short Bytes: Artificial intelligence sounds esoteric and interesting to many of us. The explanation of neutral networks, flow of conducting neurons and the inculcation of emotions inside the robots reveal the side we are heading to where we might seek emotional help from the robots. But is it just the end of the story or there is another side as well?

Surely there is another side of the story which was revealed at the World Economic Forum in Davos where experts gathered to discuss the future of the autonomous killer robots.

The race is ON. And, don’t think that just a few of us are involved in the race but, there are as many as 40 countries currently working on this tech, including the United States which is the leader in this field. Do not think that no efforts have not been made by some of us to ban this. Efforts have been made but on the other side, the race has already begun.

The audiences at Davos at the World Economic Forum were polled during the chat about their views on autonomous killer bots. People were more likely to be in favor of sending robots to die instead of their own sons or daughters but the question remains Is this going to be a war between the robots or the humans are involved as well?

A campaign to stop killer robots explains it very well:

Two-thirds of the states that spoke referred to the need for meaningful or effective or adequate human control. Countries continued to return to the notion of meaningful human control throughout the week, indicating its central relevance as a “touchstone” for addressing fully autonomous weapons.

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