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Short Bytes: According to the latest round of rumors in the Linux community, Nvidia is busy making its own gaming-optimized Linux distro called NLinux. While we can’t confirm the existence of this OS, it would be interesting to watch out for the extras it could offer.

Recently the rumor mill went into overdrive with the news that Nvidia is busy making its own Linux distribution for gamers. This news has attracted attention of gamers on Reddit and other discussion platforms.

A slide has popped up out of nowhere showing a screenshot of an installer of this alleged operating system named NLinux. From the picture, it does appear that Nvidia is working on a Linux distribution similar to Valve’s Steam.

However, one alleged picture doesn’t prove anything and it’s hard to believe in the current form. Nvidia already offers its SHIELD TV powered by its Tegra GPUs and delivers multiple games over its streaming service ‘GeForce NOW’.  It’s doubtful that Nvidia will launch a Linux distro in an already-crowded market. It’s very hard for Nvidia and their engineers to justify a full-fledged and supported Linux distro.

If we talk about the Linux gaming market, Nvidia GPUs are already outperforming AMD Radeon graphics cards. So, they don’t need a dedicated Linux OS to fuel their sales. It’d be very hard for the alleged NLinux to compete with Ubuntu, Mint, Steam and other distribution.

The one scenario where a Linux distro could be helpful is helping game developers port their games to Linux. Well, if Nvidia launches an gaming-optimized Linux distro, it would be interesting to watch out for the extras it could offer as compared to Steam.

Are you rooting for a Linux distro from the house of Nvidia? Share your views in the comments below.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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